Steve's new home party

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A new boyband aiming to promote their first single, He Jack Ya Later

The song is about a girl, whom the protagonist has take a shine to, should stop going back to her ex because he's a dick.

About the band

Performer 1: We want to penetrate people's ears and I think we're gonna be big enough to do that.

Performer 2 (with auto-tuned voice): Yeah, ever since we was boys we've wanted insert ourselves into the public.

Performer 3: We're called contraception because it's like when you have an idea and you want to share it so you invent it on a bit of paper and then build it with wood. Like Wallace and Gromit. Our band is our contraception.

Performers 4 and 5 are just the dancers who mainly stand at the back.

He Jack Ya Later, Copyright El Mariachis 2010

Hey young girl why ya jackin' me?
Ya got real trouble with ya O.C.D.
leave me roastin' like a baked potato
While-y'-pine for-a-guy who will jack ya later

(Singer One)
Girl... *sigh*
Girl it's causin' trouble
when you march up on the double
at his every beck and call

It isn't even subtle
If he calls ya, off ya scuttle
Even though I could give the whole world

(auto-tuned fellow)
I got a brand new car and a massive T.V.
You could show off to ya friends, have a big party