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A collaborative effort to maintain a repository of macaronic gags and sketches used by El Mariachis .

A central place to collaborate

I thought we should have a way of writing together when we're not in the same room, as it can be a pain to use a single text document and emailing it or using dropbox. This also gives us a platform with which to edit each other's material and keep track of updates with ease. There are other ways of course, but this is simple and accessible from anywhere with a net connection.

The formatting is pretty simple, basic wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) interface. I'll get round to making templates for the different types of sketches but for now, we'll just use the basic wiki look. Really, it's not necessary to format stuff, but it'll make it easier to read and prepare if we try to keep things in sections, for example, if a particular sketch requires timing, we can have bulleted beats or whatever. Use the first section for synopsis, that kind of thing. Here's the first page I did. Anyway, happy writing!

Oh, there's a forum should you wish to discuss stuff unrelated to the actual sketches or debate what should or shouldn't be added and that. You can find it Here . I've learned that the forum is a bit pointless and not user friendly, so perhaps we should just use the comment boxes at the bottom of pages... Anyway, here's a primer for using the software. Prolescum 12:30, October 13, 2010 (UTC)

Please make sure that when you start a new page that you press the red 'edit' button at the top and change the preference to 'protected'. This is in case a random stumbles across this wiki and decides to fuck it up. Only Admins (us) will be able to edit when a page is protected.

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