Juan TanameraEdit

Born 3rd of April 1978 in Beverly, Surrey to Maya Inaia Tanamera (nee Lobos) and Waheeda John Tanamera, Juan Tanamera is an all singing, all dancing, TV presenting machine. His natural affinity for the stage started at age 13 when after falling from his bike into a local lake, he realised that he had to make his dreams come true. This story may be apocryphal as during his time presenting Blue Paulo , he had to participate in the London to Bogner bike ride and notoriously could not complete the journey without being frequently medicated.


Academus and Pliers - Wilfred Academus (Galactic Pictures)
That's the way I lie, Kitty - Barry Pritchard (Warmer Browser Corp)
Up Pompadour! - Servant Loiterre (Quite Rank Films)
Nine and a half weeks later - Sandy Toxic (Galactic Pictures)
The Charles Bronson story: Reflections in my coffee - Stert Mangder (Columbo Pictures)
The sound of thumbs - Beat R Handlesome (Big British films/Columbo Pictures)


It doesn't matter - Presenter (Carlton Banks Television)
Dances with wolves - Presenter (Thames Estuary Broadcasting)
What? - Presenter (British Broadcasting Conglomerate)
Blue Paulo - Presenter (British Broadcasting Conglomerate)

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