Star Hex: The motion picture

"Space, the fiendish frontier. These are the voyages of the starship, Neverlies; its clairvoyant mission, to seek out new elfs and new thaumaturgically apt creations, to wonderously go where no one has wonderously gone before..."

The world famous opening to the original Star Hex Television show, now an integral part of The motion picture.

After the cancellation of the TV show in 1998, lead writer and principal cast member David Shayler had what he described as an epiphany.

"I realised that I could still make some money out of this dead horse if I pitched a script to a movie house. It was an epiphany."

The film took somewhere in the region of $14 000 on its premier showing and a further $12 000 in worldwide box office ticket sales. It was released to DVD in all regions in September 2010.


Captain Eldred "flamebaiter" McGerkin, Commander Crock O'shide and Chief Medicinal Herb officer Leonard "Crone" McAvoy have all received commendations from United Sorcery Fleet headquarters for their previous 5 year mission of exploration. Captain McGerkin is promoted to Admiral, but for undisclosed reasons, continues to helm the USF Neverlies.

The Neverlies is en route to Lupinos, the planet of morose wolfmen when it receives a distress call from a crippled ship, Elvira's Bane.